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David Smith

Chairman, British African Business Alliance (BABA)

David Smith is Chairman of the British African Business Alliance Ltd – a diaspora-led business network focused on accelerating Economic Development in Africa. Working from the UK, the African Diaspora is well place to create new links that bring technology, business opportunities, Investment to the continent that will create jobs and wealth across Africa.

He is Chairman of the MPH Rail Development Ltd, who are working on the deployment of rail solutions in Africa – particularly in Nigeria, Ghana, Gabon and Zimbabwe

He has been appointed Executive Director of Occupational Safety and Health Association in UK, who are driving programmes to improve Health and Safety initiatives across the continent.

As Chief Executive of Rainbow Interchange Ltd, David is bringing forward technology to enhance access to banking, improve remittance flow and easy payments for fully regulated account holders.

His career includes 30 years in advertising and marketing, where he specialised in retail marketing and worked with major UK companies. He also gained wide experience in the IT, Financial Services, Electrical, Property and DIY markets.

David has worked in Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, South Africa, USA, and Uruguay and relishes the cultural and commercial challenges of International Business.

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